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Starting a new business? Ready to expand your business?  In a perfect world there would be local and state incentives, coupled with a skilled workforce, available sites and buildings. Another key point, proximity to transportation, road and rail. What’s more, you would want to locate in an area that is supportive, no matter the size of your business. Where there are business opportunities in addition to a business growth plan and supporting industry.

Hamilton County, Iowa is your perfect world, ripe with business opportunities. Equipped to welcome entrepreneurs who desire success, with attention to infrastructure, our communities are prepared to support your business, your dream.

Proximity to 4-lane Hwy 20, Interstate 35 and rail lend to the ease of doing business in a global economy. Equally important, the local and state incentives, combined with workforce solutions through Iowa’s Workforce Development, Indeed and Future Ready Iowa. Not to mention a business climate that works together for everyone’s success.

Small business, expanding business…welcome to business opportunities in Hamilton County, Iowa.

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